Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Ides of March 2006 - A Corked Tale

My wife and I sat down to enjoy dinner together -- a beautiful piece of fish, saffron risotto, a couple of fresh veggies, and a special bottle -- Coche-Dury Bourgogne Blanc 2002. I know, it was just a "basic" white burgundy, but it was from Coche-Dury, one of the greatest domaines in Meursault. This stuff is rare as hens teeth, and frankly, freaking expensive. Then again, I'd never had a bottle of wine from Coche-Dury that was less than terrific. Until this one. Corked. Damn. We owned exactly one bottle of this wine and it was corked. I didn't need this experience to be convinced that cork had seen its day, but it sure did drive home the point. But wait, it gets better.

The only other chilled bottle of white wine in the fridge happened to be another Bourgogne Blanc, this one a 2004 from Thierry and Pascal Matrot. It also happens to be the first Bourgogne Blanc I know of that's closed with a screwcap. Guess what? Delicious, just as delicious as it has been the other dozen or so times I've drunk a bottle. Was it as romantic as drinking Coche-Dury? If the Coche had been sound, probably not, but it wasn't -- it was just another potentially great bottle of wine ruined by a piece of tree bark. Ridiculous.

Matrot also bottled their village Meursault 2004 with a screwcap - it is also marvelous, and consistently so. We should all lift up a glass of perfectly delicious wine that was poured from a bottle finished with a screwcap, and toast Thierry and Pascal. Cheers, and Thank you!


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